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With over decades of experience in the Construction industry we are the Best Builders in Kannur for Individual House,We bring a wealth of knowledge to your project.
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Koonathara Constructions is a Civil Contracting firm located at Kalliasseri in Kannur District,Kerala.If you are looking for Residential Independent Home Builders in Kannur,You have come to the right place.Since recent years,we have been a leading Individual House Builder and Constructions in Kannur.


We are the Individual House Construction Builders in Kannur who provide Architecture Designs,Construction Services,and Engineering for a wide range of projects,including Villa Construction,Single or Multi-family Residential Projects,Studio Apartments,Villas,Duplexes,and many more.

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We provide exceptional value on every project we undertake that’s why we are the top building contractors in Kannur.This is accomplished by utilising the best members of our team as well as the experience gained from decades of fine-tuning our processes.

Why Koonathara?

Koonathara Constructions Civil Contractor is the leading Building contractor in Kalliasseri,Kannur.

we strictly adhere to pre-determined quality standards and strive to deliver only the highest quality results to our clients.We construct Your future! We are the Best Builders in Kannur for Individual House.

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